Ford Expedition parked in driveway with family

When Can I Preorder 2023 Ford Models?

If you’re a Houston Ford fan who’s eagerly anticipating 2023 Ford release dates, we have some great news for you: the order banks are now open. What does that mean? The Ford brand is now accepting preorders on some of its top-selling models, and our Ford dealership in Houston has you covered. Visit our nearby Ford dealer to speak with our team and get all the key information you need to preorder a Ford truck, hybrid, EV or SUV you love. Given the demand for 2023 Ford custom orders, we recommend you come by soon so you don’t miss out!

Ford Order Bank Schedule

Vehicle 2023 MY Order Banks Open
2023 Ford Transit Available Now
2023 Ford E-Transit Available Now
2023 Ford Bronco Sport Available Now
2023 Ford Edge Available Now
2023 Ford Explorer Available Now
2023 Ford Ranger Available Now
2023 Ford F-150 Available Now
2023 Ford Transit Connect Available Now
2023 Ford Expedition TBD - September 2022
2023 Ford Bronco TBD - September 2022
2023 Ford Maverick TBD - September 2022
2023 Ford Escape TBD - September 2022
2023 Ford Mustang TBD - September 2022
2023 Ford Super Duty® TBD - October 2022
2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E TBD - October 2022

2023 Ford Preorders near Me

Given the excitement surrounding everything from the 2023 Ford F-150 release date to the new Bronco reveal, we’re happy to set you up with a new Ford in Houston of your choice. Interested in reserving a Ford SUV the whole family will love? Our auto sales professionals have all the details you need on when the order banks open for the 2023 Ford Escape, Edge, Explorer and Expedition, so you can be among the first behind the wheel. Plus, by beating the crowd and securing a Ford Ranger or new Maverick preorder, you have more of a chance to get the trims, colors, packages and options you desire. Sound good? We think so too, so visit our local Ford finance center to discuss pricing and Ford factory order timelines.